Red Sonja by Jheremy Raapack.


Red Sonja by Jheremy Raapack.

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Frank Frazetta vs. Mike Hoffman

I recently visited the Frank Frazetta Museum in East Stroudsburg, PA. It was an incredible experience being able to look at the master’s work up close, but even more amazing to listen to the first hand experiences of Frank Jr and his memories of his father.

I was talking to Frank Jr. when the subject of Mike Hoffman came up. For those of you who don’t know, Hoffman has made his career imitating the style Frank Frazetta, everything from painting, drawing, very specific subject matters, and even his signature. Of course, no one imitating Frazetta’s style will ever be better than Frazetta himself. In fact, Frank himself has a good quote to address this:

“Why be a second-rate Frazetta when you be can be a first-rate you?” -Frank Frazetta

Frank Jr, however, let me know that Mike Hoffman had been invited to the gallery years back. Knowing that his own work would never compare to the late master, Mike Hoffman has made a crusade to undermine the work of the actual artist who’s responsible for his own success.

This BS is copied from a blog entry of his, that has since been deleted.


1. When I say I don’t use photographs, I’m not lying.

2. When I say I don’t swipe, I’m not lying.

3. I don’t go around claiming criminals like Richard Nixon were great presidents.

4. I don’t go to Rush Limbaugh for intellectual guidance.

5. I don’t publish art books that have paintings of my wife’s big naked ass in them.

6. When younger artists ask for technical advice, I don’t say “don’t try to be like me”.

7. I don’t build museums to myself in my backyard.

8. I don’t pretend to have invented Art all by myself, ignoring everything that came before.

9. I don’t pretend Hal Foster never existed.

10. Because my ambition and drive is the result of undemonstrative father doesn’t mean I became one myself.

11. When my work inspires others, I take paternal responsibility for it.

12. I don’t fault my kids for not following in my footsteps when I didn’t prepare them for it.

13. I don’t refer to myself as “The Legend”.

I know nothing about the political views of Frazetta, and of course, those points have no relevancy, but according to the personal testimony and remembrances of Frank Jr. regarding his father, none of these insults hold any water. Frank was and is a legend, that much is true, but he was a humble man, didn’t push his kids into his career choice, nor did he berate them for not choosing it,  and saw his wife Ellie as his muse, who loved his paintings and loved to be painted.

This guy is a total hack and fraud, a skilled but unimaginative artist with no respect, and thus totally undeserving of any himself. I don’t want to make the world harder for artists, it’s plenty hard enough, but I want this to get reblogged so people are aware of how terrible this guy is.

Reblogging this to get this information out there, Hoffman is just plain disrespectful to say the least, 

I’ve Been Summoned

I’ve Been Summoned #MondayBlogs


Early last week I received a tweet from Jessica West summoning me to a Blog Hop aptly titled, “I’ve Been Summoned”, which, as a consequence of being so tagged, resulted in today’s post. The summons entails me answering a few questions and then tagging the next hapless victim or two. I thought perhaps I could worm my way out of doing this, but Jessica, stubborn thing that she is and bestest…

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